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The Holiday Romance

The Holiday Romance by Lara Russell, was a sweet story of love and devotion. It is a beautiful story of stumbling upon your soulmate and...

Beautifully Damaged

Beautifully Damaged by Laura Pavlov was a heart-wrenchingly complex and beautiful story of enduring love. From the very first page you...

Dreamleaf Blues

Dreamleaf Blues by Sean Davies was an incredibly fascinating story! From the moment I started reading, I was completely immersed in the...


Vladek by Lee Cushing was a fascinating story. The concept was great but the execution could have been improved. I found the story very...


Vasilisa by Julie Mathison was a wonderful story! It was an incredibly interesting tale I had not come across before. I love reading...

A Painted Lily

Have just finished reading A Painted Lily by Angela Hoke and it was fabulous! It was an incredible story about the importance of cultural...

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