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Beautifully Damaged

Beautifully Damaged by Laura Pavlov was a heart-wrenchingly complex and beautiful story of enduring love. From the very first page you were completely invested in the story and wanted the relationship to last. The story shows the real, complex layers of love and how obstacles and personal trauma can impede even the strongest form of love. It shows that no matter how perfect and real the pull is; that we as human beings still find ways to punish ourselves and believe that we don't deserve true happiness. That true happiness is unachievable and not something to aspire to. Especially when our happiness comes at the price of others (in our minds). This story was a beautiful reminder that we all have past traumas and events that have shaped us. However, we don't have to carry these burdens and traumas alone. When you find that special person who understands you completely and is willing to walk beside you and help to carry that burden; let them in, don't shut them out. This is an incredibly endearing story of the power of love and that no matter how far we travel in life, love can always bring us home. I truly enjoyed this story and the journey it took us on. If you enjoy stories of triumphant, ever-lasting love and bonds, this story is for you.

I received this copy complimentary from Voracious Readers Only

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