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Mirror's Hope

Mirror's Hope by Justine Dowsett was a serious page-turner! The story was incredibly unexpected and enthralling the entire time. With every turn of the page I was fascinated to see where the story was going and where it would lead me. Some stories you read and the plot is quite predictable, this was not the case with this book. It had a bit of everything; intrigue, mystery, romance, magic, intense battles and heart-wrenching outcomes. The idea of mirror dimensions or worlds was super interesting and begs further exploration. I had no idea where this story would take me and was happy to just be a passenger on the journey. It also calls into question how it is possible to love two different people at the same time, and the heartache and internal turmoil this can cause. If you enjoy magical journeys, mirror worlds, fighting for what is right and a side of romance, then this book is for you!

*Trigger warning: it contains scenes of assault and sexual abuse.

I received this complimentary from Voracious Readers Only for review.

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