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The Eternal Reflection: Book 1 Zelkova Rising

The Eternal Reflection by Aquila Goh contains four different books in one. Therefore, each book will be reviewed individually. This review will only be about the first book: Zelkova Rising. This story was quite interesting. It does take a while to wrap your head around all of the concepts discussed in the book. It is quite an intellectual book and delves into many different areas including mathematics, philosophy, religion and astrophysics just to name a few. Luckily, the author provides introductory information about all the concepts and themes to be discussed in the story. I found this incredibly helpful. It also includes an in-depth appendix and glossary of terms and concepts, as this world is slightly different to the Western world, and many terms may be unfamiliar.

The story surrounds a peaceful avian humanoid civilisation, who are very minimalistic and are many centuries back technology wise. The first story centres on a young girl who is learning what it means to be human, the temptations of this world and the importance of spiritual and philosophical enlightenment to rise above the challenges placed upon us in this world. It is a coming-of-age story that involves learning the horrors and tribulations this world is capable of and through determination and courage, overcoming these barriers. It involves many high-stake battles and demonic creatures from other worlds, and the ultimate collusion of worlds to come. If you enjoy stories of epic battles and wild and wonderful creatures, than this book is for you! It also is a story that makes you think and ponder the philosophical questions of life. If you enjoy stories that challenge your mindset and expand your horizons, than this story is also for you!

I received this copy complimentary from Voracious Readers Only.

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