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The Unveiling of Amber

The Unveiling of Amber was a lively story based in New Orleans. The streets came alive with the vivid descriptions of the different cafes, bars and restaurants mentioned. I felt like I was transported to New Orleans, Texas and San Francisco. The story was not as captivating as it could have been. The plot of the story was developed in the first few chapters and then was constantly repeated but did not move forward. The story of the mystery older man went around in circles without much happening. It was clear to see what was going to happen and the hidden identity. However, there was a lot of unnecessary "beating around the bush" and constant repetitive questioning that lead nowhere. The ending felt a little rushed and kind of anticlimactic. It had the bones of a really great story, it just did not read as well as it could have. I loved the New Orleans vibe. The story had a lot of great potential. If you like stories of romance and intrigue, this could be the book for you.

I received this copy complimentary from Voracious Readers Only.

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