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Vasilisa by Julie Mathison was a wonderful story! It was an incredibly interesting tale I had not come across before. I love reading about different cultures and their folklore. It was a beautifully told coming of age story during 20th century war time. It was written from the perspective of two teenagers of Russian descent, growing up in the United States and the stigmas that come with that. It shows the emotional pull between the land from which you come and your new land. And the inevitable choice people feel they have to make between the culture they have left behind and the one they are raising their children in. It also shows the importance of understanding your cultural heritage and how important it is to pass down folklore and tales of the past from generation to generation. You never know when the past may impact the future! It is an incredible story of two children who feel responsible for the safety and protection of their families. And how they would go to any lengths to keep them from harms way. It is also a beautiful story of that first, special love. When you have found the person you know will be yours and that will love you through everything. That one person you would do anything for, no matter the consequences. The story has a powerful message that love, kindness and compassion can break down more barriers than war, destruction and terror. This is something that we all need to keep in mind and is an important life lesson. Altogether it was a beautifully, well-written story. An absolute page-turner, that I couldn't put down. I would highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys fairytales, folklore or fantasy in general.

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