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Vladek by Lee Cushing was a fascinating story. The concept was great but the execution could have been improved. I found the story very intriguing and I was very interested in the whole monster hunter vibe. However, I found that the story didn't have a lot of cohesion and it felt a bit choppy and muddled. The story jumped around quite a bit and moved from location to location without really allowing the reader to get their footing into the significance of all the different elements. This story had a lot of great potential and I would be interested in reading another book written by Lee Cushing to understand how the writer tells his stories. This book is part of a series called The Trust Casefiles, it is book seven in the series. I wonder if having read books one through six whether this story would have made more sense. Having read other book series you should be able to pick up any book and be able to understand the concept and follow along with the story. Each book should be able to stand on its own, as well as part of a collection. I would very much like to give this author another chance, because I do believe his writing can be incredible. If you enjoy vampire or any kind of monster stories really, I recommend you give this story a try. Perhaps start at the beginning of The Trust Casefiles to see if that allows you to delve into the story better.

This book was received complimentary from the author through Voracious Readers Only.

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